Shalom from the AriYael Jewish Healing Center,
As Rabbi Dan Goldblatt nears the end of his tenure at Beth Chaim Congregation in Danville, CA, new things are bubbling up from the wellspring of our Healing Center’s intention to serve those in need of Comfort, Support and Shalom.

At the OHALAH Jewish Renewal Rabbinic Conference in Denver this January, Rabbi Dan and Zoë attended a wonderful workshop taught by Rabbi Deni Marshall, LCSW of Einstein Community Jewish Services in Sacramento, CA on “Caring for the Caregiver.” Rabbi Deni will be offering her workshop through our Healing Center, soon. This workshop plus the many stories we’ve heard about family caregivers struggling to cope, inspired Zoë to offer an ongoing, weekly Caregiver Support Group on Zoom, every Tuesday at noon beginning March 5th. This group will be open to anyone over 21 who is caregiving for a family member or loved one in any capacity, at any distance (i.e., in-home or long-distance caregiving). Those who attend will be invited to donate any amount they wish, for the facilitator. No registration is required.

AriYael Weekly Caregiver Support Group Zoom Link starting March 5th, 2024:
Meeting ID: 875 3862 2806
Passcode: 862514

The month of January marked the yahrzeit of Ari Mazer, beloved son of our co-founders Susan and Marc. In his honor, Zoë Goldblatt, End of Life Doula, will be facilitating a monthly drop-in Death Café on the 3rd Wednesday of each month on Zoom at 3:30pm Pacific Time beginning on February 21st. Death Café is a compassionate, respectful – even fun! — social space in which to discuss the inevitability of the finiteness of life, and any thoughts, feelings or questions this brings up for you. This Death Café will be run according to the guidelines of the international Death Café social franchise. No registration is required. Those who attend will be invited to donate any amount they wish to the Healing Center. No registration is required. Anyone over 18 is welcome, and young adults are particularly welcomed, in Ari’s honor! Tea and sweets are traditionally served at a Death Café, but since it is online, we highly encourage everyone to bring their hot beverage of choice and a sweet treat to enjoy on screen.

AriYael Death Café starting February 21st, 2024:
Meeting ID: 823 1332 9709
Passcode: 075765

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