The original artwork found throughout the AriYael website was created by Cooky Goldblatt between 2015-2020.

Cooky Goldblatt, Artist’s Statement, January 2023:

I am deeply engaged with bold, saturated color.

Each of my original, digital artworks is a vibrant, abstract statement that is gathered by observing and processing our beautiful and confusing world, in a search for positivity, possibility and sparks of beauty.

Each work is a visual improvisation with no set destination. There is instead…potential.

I trace my affinity for abstract art to my years as a classical cellist and playing and composing “songs without words,” priming me for exploration without a need for representational imagery. As my right brain continued to evolve (as both a composer and improvising musician) I was guided to a different path…the uncertainty and wonder of visual art.

I carry my studio with me on my journey, creating contemporary fine art. It is comprised of an IPad Pro, a stylus and a suite of self-curated apps that are a workaround of Photoshop.

My artworks are reproducible in a variety of sizes, on various surfaces, in (very) limited editions.

“I try to apply colors like words that shape poems,
like notes that shape music.” –Joan Miro

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