These Haikus were born, among others, at a quiet crossroad bordering a large open field on all sides. Working with people and their families at end of life for nearly two and a half decades and sitting with my own end-of-life diagnoses, I am now leaning into writing Haikus to help me process the myriad emotions that emerge and recede in this rich and fleeting moment.

–Ellen Goldblatt, Spiritual Care Provider and Chaplain, Seattle, WA

Endless Love Within
Reach out, reach in, take in
Unfold Mystery
Listening Deeper
Connecting to the Other
Merging with the One
Invite You Inside
Summer Ocean Beckons Me
Small Voice Within
Endings, so tender
Pain in quiet emptiness
Endless Connection
Jewish Reflection
Mitzraim, our small places
Teach us Compassion
Origami Heart
Prayer; our tears, our happiness
Quiet Inner Folds
Alone is Complete
I am my perfect Circle
Begin And Ending
Unfold Envelope
Unread, Unknown, Unspoken
Life is Mystery

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