NEW Online, Drop-In Caregiver Support Group and Death Café


Shalom from the AriYael Jewish Healing Center, As Rabbi Dan Goldblatt nears the end of his tenure at Beth Chaim Congregation in Danville, CA, new things are bubbling up from the wellspring of our Healing Center’s intention to serve those in need of Comfort, Support and Shalom. At the OHALAH Jewish Renewal Rabbinic Conference in Denver this January, Rabbi Dan and Zoë attended a wonderful workshop taught by Rabbi Deni Marshall, LCSW of Einstein Community Jewish Services in Sacramento, CA on “Caring for the Caregiver.” Rabbi Deni will be offering her workshop through our Healing Center, soon. [...]

NEW Online, Drop-In Caregiver Support Group and Death Café2024-02-05T08:34:26-08:00

Artist’s Statement


The original artwork found throughout the AriYael website was created by Cooky Goldblatt between 2015-2020. Cooky Goldblatt, Artist’s Statement, January 2023: I am deeply engaged with bold, saturated color. Each of my original, digital artworks is a vibrant, abstract statement that is gathered by observing and processing our beautiful and confusing world, in a search for positivity, possibility and sparks of beauty. Each work is a visual improvisation with no set destination. There is instead...potential. I trace my affinity for abstract art to my years as a classical cellist and playing and composing “songs without words,” priming me for exploration without [...]

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