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Our Story and Mission

The AriYael Jewish Healing Center was created to provide a resource focused on embodied healing, and an essential support for individuals and families…

Our Vision

This Jewish Healing Center will offer a model for how synagogues might renew and reclaim their role as dynamic and vital centers for Judaism in our time… 

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Our Testimonials

Please read our testimonials from our fellow people!

“Rabbi Dan and Zoe provided a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive space for each individual where we were at in our own unique grief journey. They created safe boundaries allowing each person to fully express and be heard – uncensored and not rushed to finish a thought.

The topics were poignant, thought provoking, stirred up emotions at times and felt uncomfortable at times. Topics were real and they were ones humans tend to avoid in daily conversation. Important to face these things head on. 

I love the bonding that took place so organically. I now feel a deep connection to each member of the group. It’s a “club we didn’t want to join”, yet feel like we’re all in this together – and only those like us that have walked in our shoes can fully relate to our journey… I now have a sense of a “new family”.

We have a new support system with each other and with Dan/Zoe. Love the rituals, song, symbols that were integrated into each session. Starting each session with a quiet meditation was a great transition away from the noise of the day.”

“Spouse or Partner Loss” Winter of 2022.

Grief Group Participant

“Thank you for encouraging me to participate in the grief group.  I really was hesitant at first and went to the first session thinking “I’ll just listen and not say anything.”  I didn’t realize how much I was really was wanting to share my thoughts in a safe space without any judgement. 

Your questions were all thought provoking and generally brought a lot of bottled up emotions to the surface.  Your questions were probing and you allowed each of us time to process our thoughts. It was helpful to me to hear fellow participants’ issues and responses. 

A lot of tears were shed each week but somehow I left each session smiling and with new insights and understanding.  I so appreciate how you really listened to each of us and offered helpful suggestions which were appropriate to each individual situation. I appreciated the fact that this was a small group and that we could sit in a circle facing each other. 

I liked how each session began with music and a quiet time to shift gears from the busy day. Zoe’s white board lists that we could take photos of were also helpful. The story of taking the shattered pieces and filling them in with gold was a beautiful moment that especially touched me.  I loved bringing in pictures of our husbands and talking about them on the last session. My only negative was that the grief group was too short!”

“Spouse or Partner Loss” Winter of 2022.

Grief Group Participant

“The story of Moses and the broken Torah, taking the shattered pieces of our lives and filling them with gold, considering saying kaddish for our future life and dreams and plans that will never be, secondary losses, all resonated with me.” 

“Spouse or Partner Loss” Winter of 2022.

Grief Group Participant

I’d like to thank Rabbi Dan and Zoe for the following:

1. Creating a safe space for my feelings. The warmth and understanding that you both emit allowed me to feel feelings that were once frightening;

2.  Encouraging me to create a future with M. and without M.; how to bring him along but not have him in the forefront;

3. The questions at the beginning  and throughout each session enabled my mind to spread, to think, to question my past actions, thoughts and feelings. .Therefore I became aware of which worked for me and which did not, which I would carry forward and which I would attempt to leave behind. 

4. Sadness is becoming bearable because I realize it doesn’t usurp me… wow what a relief. 

5. Lastly, thank you for bringing together a group of women whom I can trust, be comfortable with, and honest with… oh, and laugh with!

Thank you for making me think. And question. And for a lot more than that.”

“Spouse or Partner Loss” Winter of 2022.

Grief Group Participant

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